Austin is an Entrepreneur Seeking One Founder-Owned Company to Acquire & Operate

Austin is a former business owner, operator, and software investor.

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Our eBook (COMING SOON):

“Key Considerations for a Successful Sale:

How to Find the Right Buyer,
Maximize Value,
Minimize Stress, and
Love Life Post-Sale.”

Our eBook covers:

  1. How to optimize value for yourself & your family
  2. Advice to sellers and buyers of companies from
  3. Buyer personas to help you determine your ideal type of buyer
  4. Post-sale considerations

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Educator, entrepreneur, passionate tea drinker.

Entrepreneurs, software operators, and investors.

Life is Short. Choose The Right Partner.

“We have two lives.

The second life begins…
…when we realize we only have one.”

– Confucius

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